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22 KidnappedTricked by the uncle who has stolen his inheritance, young David Balfour is kidnapped and bound for America. Or at least that was the plan, until the ship runs into trouble and David is rescued by Alan Breck Stewart, fugitive Jacobite and, by his own admission, a ‘bonny fighter’. Balfour, a canny lowlander, finds an echo of some wilder and more romantic self in the wilful and courageous Highland spirit of Alan Breck. A strange and difficult friendship is born as their adventures begin.

Kidnapped has become a classic of historical romance the world over and is justly famous as a novel of travel and adventure in the Scottish landscape. Stevenson’s vivid descriptive powers were never better than in his account of remote places and dangerous action in the Highlands in the years after Culloden.


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  1. Looking forward to it. Cory and Gert mentioned that they had not received their books for this month. You may want to check with them. Thanks Myra

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    1. They should have had all the books for the year on hold, but when I just went in and checked, their holds are both wiped out. I got the February book on hold for them and will get the rest of the year in there soon!


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